Otto learns to fly go to Rainbow!!!

Pigsy,  Nanny and Old Pete


Pigsy is a very special character… is very ugly and the public is afraid at first… but then understands that it is a tender …. a very sweet beast.
Through these two terms that do not usually go together, ugly and cute Im looking to awaken the “Empathy”.
Fear of the unknown is transformed into sensitivity, things we need on these days.
Old Pete is a raw farmer who hates and loves Pigsy, together they always have very crazy adventures, is a tale of co-dependence.
Tenderness can be found in the most unexpected places.




Nanny, the sweet goat. Another failed experiment of nature …

Magic Lantern Studio (Pigsy), Sanctum Theatre ( Nany)  and Julian Chapple as (Professor Demetrio) performing at
Rancho Relaxo festival “Gruff from the Goat”
Nice party…

Otto learns to fly.”

Otto has a dream, he wants to fly…

But bears can’t fly… can they?

Otto learns to fly showcases MagicLantern Studio’s exquisitely crafted hand puppets and “ready mades” in the Magic Lantern Travelling Puppet Theatre. Then the action explode onto a much larger scale with Sanctum Theatre’s giant body puppets.

The show leaves us the idea that anything is possible if you really want.

Is an interactive children’s entertainment ideal for out doors festivals as well as in door events.

  • Eco Loco and Otto

    Eco Loco and Otto

  • Otto sad.

    Otto sad.

  • Ecoloco and Otto egain.

    Ecoloco and Otto egain.

  • Otto learns to fly

    Otto learns to fly

  • Oh noo!!!

    Oh noo!!!

  • Happy ending.

    Happy ending.

  • Finish.


  • Kids love Otto.

    Kids love Otto.

  • Otto learns tofly

    Otto learns tofly

    To book Otto learns to fly for your festival or event, please contact  Gonzalo Varela on 0061- 0456961010 or email



    “You Can´t say no in Acapulco”  By Abbie Cardwell

    Vocals & Ukulele – Abbie Cardwell
    Filmaking – David Burrows
    Puppeteer, Set Designer & Artist – Gonzalo Varela
    Engineering & Lap-Steel by Shane O’Mara (Australia)
    Mixed by Gabriel Lopez (Mexico)
    Filmed inside The Magic Lantern Shop (Brunswick St. Fitzroy, Melbourne)
    Original Song Written By Sid Feller -Dee Fuller – Lee Morris
    AMCOS Performance Rights


    Death at intervals.”

    Dath an intervals